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Friday, August 3, 2012

Another Friday Rolls Around

Here we are, at Friday again. The end of another week. And I am happy at the thought that I actually have the weekend OFF!

So, some more updates…

Last night, Harry worked on the lawnmower and weedwacker and got them both started. There was nothing wrong with them, just IMG_2766hard to start from a couple years of sitting in the back shed, unused. It’s good timing that a young co-worker of mine is buying her first home – actually her closing is this morning. So she is going to be the happy recipient of these items. And once our house sells, we are going to give her our wheelbarrow, rakes, and other various items that are useful when one has a house to take care of. Definitely good timing for both of us!

I have been using up the food out of the freezer, and one of the only big items left is a turkey we bought and froze for a dinner at a later date. The week after next we will be home for the weekend, and have invited our friend Rose to come over for the last turkey dinner we will have in this house. Rose has also agreed to take care of my plants, as I have decided that it will just be too hard to cart them around with us. I have two Christmas cacti and two jade trees. I have had the cacti for about 15 years and the jade trees for over 30 years!! So I couldn’t imagine just getting rid of them. I am very grateful to Rose for agreeing to plant-sit for me.



I haven’t shown a picture of the area above the garage lately, so here it is! It is now completely empty. Hard to even remember now what it looked like just a year and a half ago.



Painting this closet wasn’t really on our radar. But once Harry finished the floor, we realized that this was the only area in the house we hadn’t repainted. It was definitely in need of a new coat of paint. Now, all it needs is a little paint along the edge.



We are now two weeks away from our next trip, our fourth of the season. And it looks like we may be able to leave for this one knowing that most of our projects around the house are complete. That will be nice.

Twenty-eight days left to work on the house.

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  1. I decided to bring my Christmas cactus with us (it will ride in the sink) and gave my jade plant to my mom. Soon all you will have to do is look for place to visit. :)