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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crossing ‘Em Off

Yesterday was another productive day around here. It was a combination of “polish them up” and “get it gone”!

I had a doctor’s appt. first thing. I used to be on blood pressure medicine, and then a few months ago, when I had my physical, it had improved enough that my dr. took me off the medication. Yesterday was a three month check, and yay! it was still good, so there’s one medicine I don’t have to take anymore!! Smile

After I got home, I started working on the woodwork. It never ceases to amaze me what a difference that feed n wax makes. It brings the wood back to life. I managed to do most of the downstairs yesterday. And almost went through a whole bottle. So we will have to pick up more of that when we go over to Home Depot.

IMG_2841The other thing I wanted to do yesterday was get some more stuff up on freecycle. Believe it or not, we still have some things to get rid of – it has seemed like a neverending process sometimes! But we are almost there.


So I headed out to the garage and took pictures of the remaining items – there were a bunch – a couple sleeping bags, a couple old fashioned wood sleds, an old red wagon, twoIMG_2843 seed spreaders, a shredder, and a wicker basket. Not even 24 hours later, they are all GONE! Well, not physically, but everything is spoken for via email contact, and will be going to new homes within the next few days.


And in keeping with the “get ‘er gone” theme, my co-worker came over after work and took the lawn stuff –IMG_2842 the mower, the weedeater, and trimmer – gone, with all the gas containers and parts that go with them!! And not only that, but her husband, who works in construction, came with her. He was very interested in the saws and other tools that Harry still has in the garage. So he will be coming back another day with his truck.

After we get the big stuff gone, we will have to get to work on the little stuff. You can see in the pictures that we still have many items on the shelves. So that will be the next project.

August is moving right along! We have twenty-two days left to work on the house!


  1. Lookin' good, and things are moving along great!

  2. That is great about the meds. Good going!

  3. Good work on the elimination of the blood pressure med. I love that feed n wax too.

  4. YAY!! You two have been so organized and the end is now upon you!! :-)
    Congrats on that blood pressure too!!!!!