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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Couple Days Away

We are taking a break this weekend with a quick trip to Marlborough, MA to visit our little guy. The morning started with a little bit later rising. It seemed so strange to be packing clothes away and making sure we had all the necessary toiletries. We much prefer traveling with our home on wheels! But this time we were leaving her home, so, after getting the cats settled for the day, we headed out on the road.




It was a hazy morning, and we were glad to be in the air conditioned car.





By the time we arrived, there was a little more blue sky to be seen, but it was still hot and very humid. There was a lot of traffic on the road. We saw a lot of RVs of all sorts traveling west away from Boston.





For the rest of the day, Papa got to practice his tower making abilities. But Grammy did get a couple hugs.



Now we are back at the hotel, relaxing for the evening. Tomorrow will be another fun and quick day.

Twenty-seven days left until our deadline for working on the house!


  1. Glad you are having a good time relaxing for a bit. Won't be long and all you will be doing is relaxing! :)

  2. I think Harry may have a future as a master builder - if he follows his helper's advice, that is!! Great picture.