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Friday, August 18, 2017

1709 Days

20960945_10214734439861382_904790804_oYes, 1709 days…that’s four years, eight months and six days. That’s how long Harry and I were fulltimers. It’s been a fun time but we are ready for the next adventure!

For the last three days, we’ve been running around like crazy trying to get everything into the house from the rv. We paid for a site here even though owners are allowed to park on the street outside their place for two days. We needed full hookups though so we could give the place a thorough cleaning, plus it was just too hot to do anything without a/c.

20945417_10214734443661477_1518118077_oSo for the past three days we’ve been cleaning and moving stuff. I love my nice clean fridge! Harry also washed the roof and outside of the rig.

20961165_10214734458981860_1173599331_oWe moved piles of stuff out of the fiver. We had intended to buy some of the household items so we wouldn’t have to move things back and forth, but having to buy a new a/c unit changed our plans in that respect.

20968203_10155681381719766_1078156818_oSpeaking of a/c unit, we have a brand-spanking new one in our place. We had to limp through two days with a barely functioning unit. By the middle of the night on Wednesday, it was completely dead. So we just turned our ceiling fans up as high as they would go and hoped we were losing a pound or two.


Prepping for the new unit!


The guys arrived at 7:30 yesterday morning and by lunchtime we had a fully functioning air conditioner in place.

20945633_10155681376499766_1612081772_oHarry also prepped the back of our place for the arrival of the cable/ internet guy today.

He wanted the cable to go under the concrete so it wouldn’t get chopped up by the lawn care equipment.


By 1 pm today, the rv was basically looking like it did way back in the beginning before we started this fulltiming lifestyle.


Then we did our final checks and hooked her up for the last time this year.


The storage lot is only a couple miles away so that is really convenient. We maneuvered the rv into her spot and went in to sign the paperwork.


The end of this chapter for us – and the beginning of the next adventure!! 


  1. I didn't think you'd go part time this soon in the experience. Good for you though!

  2. It seems many people who started full timing about the time we did, are now giving it up or changing to part time rving. Must be a typical time line.

    Regarding your A/C situation.... one of the things we bargained for when we bought this house in December. ... The seller pay for a one year house warranty. Haven't had to use it. Come Jan when the warranty expires, we expect everything to breakdown. Again, for us typical.

  3. Wow! Best of luck in your new direction. If it's right for you, it's right.

  4. I like having our RV lot at Jojoba Hills because it is within driving distance from our daughters, but we both felt like we stayed there too long last winter. The annual cost is a wash if we stay four months. Three if we also count the fact that we don't use any diesel fuel. Thats based on daily rates at regular full hook up parks, not monthly or dry camping. I'm glad you will still be able to take off whenever you want be it for a week, a month, or a summer. Life is good.

  5. good deal.. I was sorta thinking if you did amazon this year that would be the last time at the warehouse. Seems like that got pushed up and now you guys are heading to the park model more..

    We looked at some park-model units while in Titusville in June and found some nice deals at parks but not a good a deal as you found. :)

    have a good one and countuined good health
    carl karen newton