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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Enjoying Time in Charlotte, Walks and Chef Andrew

20771721_10214645393995291_1996743414_oWe have been having a nice relaxing time here in Charlotte. In Ohio we were go…go…going all the time because we were filling up most of our days with time with the grandkids. But here in Charlotte we have had some time to ourselves since Andrew and Amanda both work during the day, and there are no grandkids here (yet!).


Yesterday, for the first time in forever, we put on our running clothes and drove about 10 minutes away to a 2.25 mile trail (Piedmont Medical Center Trail) that I found in a nearby town.

20747896_10214645400555455_814826655_oWe didn’t do any running yet. We have to work our way back in to our exercise routine!

We walked almost the whole length of the trail – 2 miles out and then back.

It really was a beautiful location.20771954_10214645400995466_513416356_o The whole trail ran along the Catawba River. We could see kayakers out enjoying the water.

It was a great start to our exercise routine. It felt good to be back out there moving again.

20747093_10214645411875738_2054328893_oAnd it’s a good thing we got some exercise in – because we sure have been eating well. Harry says he doesn’t know where Andrew got his cooking talent, but wherever it came from, he got a double dose of it! We have been going over to their place in the afternoon to watch Andrew whip up a delicious meal with all fresh ingredients – even buying his own herbs to chop up. Wow, so yummy.


This was our dinner on Tuesday night.


Last night we enjoyed a meal with a Mexican theme. This bowl started out full of freshly made guacamole! I didn’t get a picture because we were all too busy digging in.


Umm yes there were only four of us. (And I didn’t think I liked guacamole!)


All I can say is I’m glad we are getting back to our exercise!

It’s been a fun week so far, and we still have a few days left to enjoy before we head south to Florida

In household news, we have been getting started with plans for next week. We decided to 20170408_140352get our internet through Xfinity, so Harry went online and set up an account. We have installation scheduled for later next week. We’ve also been planning for what we’re going to get started with first…and there are two items at the top of our list – the windows in the park model and our bedroom. You may remember that we had what is called a “roofover” done earlier this summer, so we called the company that did that job for us to set up an appointment for next week so we can get an estimate for these windows. The windows shown in the picture behind that couch and the ones on the left are original to the unit. So they are not weather proof at all, and on top of that, there are no screens. So we decided that we are going to have those replaced first thing.

T20170408_141004he other big project is this bedroom. Everything in this picture is going….ruffles, flowers, bed, dressers, wallpaper… and that window is on the list of windows that we are getting an estimate to replace. So the only thing staying is the four walls. haha For obvious reasons, we want to get this done first.

We are more excited about these renovations than we were about the house because everything we do here is going to be for us. We are really looking forward to getting started.

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  1. Haha, I don't blame ya for purging the garden in your bedroom :) Isn't it nice to have a chef in the family?!