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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Unexpected Bump

The last time I wrote a blog post, I had promised pictures after the arrival of the furniture on Thursday. Sorry – no pictures yet! Because most of the bedroom furniture has not yet arrived. We were expecting our bed and dresser to arrive Thursday afternoon. So when we got up in the morning, we happily picked up the pullout couch and got everything cleared out for the arrival of the delivery guys. Around 12:30 we got a call – they had just loaded the truck and realized that they didn’t have our mattress. We were pretty disappointed, especially when we were told that they wouldn’t be getting the mattress until next week, so it will be at least next Friday before it is delivered. After some discussion, the woman offered to send a mattress from the floor to take us through to next week. So we were happy to not have to set the pullout couch bed back up.

A few hours later, when the delivery van arrived, we were looking forward to getting the rest of the bedroom set up. But when Harry looked at the chest of drawers, he found that it was pretty badly damaged. It was scratched up and the drawers wouldn’t even open. So, in the end only our box spring was delivered. We had a great experience in the showroom, but so far the other side of the process has not been as impressive. We’ll see what this week brings.

We are making much better progress with our address changes. We were going to make the trip to the Florida DMV to get our addresses updated on our license. In preparation for that, Harry went online to make sure we didn’t need to bring anything with us, and he was happy to find that we could actually make the changes through the website. So we went ahead and changed our address and our new licenses will be mailed to us.

We were going to go over and take a quick look at the RV yesterday. (We plan to just stop by every week or so just to make sure everything looks good.) But it actually rained pretty much all afternoon yesterday, so we will wait and go over to the storage place on Monday instead.

Now that we’ve been able to slow down with the work around here, we’ve gotten back to our exercising. We walked 5 miles for the past three days. It felt so good to be out and moving!

By my next blog post, I’ll try to have some more pics.


  1. After we ordered our furniture from the same chain of stores you are using, I found LOTS of complaints online about their service.

    We had a few. First... there were signs on the windows about 24 months of interest free financing. I asked about it. This young giddy thing of about 19 said it's only for people with good credit. I told her our score is 836. She said no where near high enough. Has to be over 900. 900???? The credit scores only go to 850.

    I asked to talk to the manager. They ran our credit. What to you know. We did qualify. I was going to pay cash..... they can wait for their money.... I will make 24 monthly payments. And no interest.

    Then they said one item did not come in. We waited weeks and made phone calls. Finally they had it in. When we picked it up, the box looked a strange shape and a lot heavier then we expected. We took it home. The order was for an end table. This was a desk.

    I called the store. They checked and found they input one number wrong on the order. We took it back. There was a floor model on the end table we wanted. We asked to take that. OK.. They presented us with the bill. At the higher cost for the desk. I took them to the end table and showed them the price tag. After much confusion and us getting increasingly madder, we finally got the difference put back on our bill.

    Would I deal with them again? Probably not.

    I do hope they get your ordered settled soon.

    1. Oh no what an ordeal! I know we have been having parallel journeys here but I sure hope we don't have that kind of trouble getting our bed and dresser!

  2. this sounds like room to go?? also can you talk about changing from your old home state to now it sounds like you are domiciled in Florida..

    We live in NC and plan on going full time in 2 yrs. I have a son that lives in Orlando and felt with the tax or lack of state income tax might be a better deal for us..

    However I hear the process in moving vehicles and such,RV, to Florida can be expensive, especially if you have never lived in Florida..

    can you talk about that process and the cost etc involved??

    thanks a million and know your info have been very informative in our looking at full-time living and the issues with that.