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Monday, August 21, 2017

Ahh! Making Ourselves Comfortable

20994323_10214765748524079_5576710948731660835_nOur first priority has definitely been to work on upping the comfort level. The chairs in the living room were not comfy – at all. Only one was a recliner, but it didn’t recline. When we went to the furniture store yesterday, we were so happy to hear that our chairs could be delivered today. Well, they arrived right on time, and they did not disappoint!


Our other priority has been to get our bedroom put together. We have been sleeping on the pullout couch, and it hasn’t been too bad, but it’s a firmer bed than we like. I did the prep work for painting the other day, and this morning we were ready to get started.

Because the rooms have a vinyl covered wall board, we had to buy a special primer called “Gripper Primer.” Harry did the edging and I used a roller to do all the inside part. I have realized that it’s so much nicer to do smaller rooms. We were completely done with two coats, even allowing for drying time in between, by 1 o’clock.


We are so pleased with how it came out. We will be starting the wall color tomorrow.

20953928_10214765748924089_2143477870229302366_nIn fact, we got it done so much faster than we expected that Harry called the furniture store this morning to see if we could move the delivery day for our bed up to this week. Yes they could! So our new bed is arriving on Thursday. We can’t wait!

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