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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dinner At the Movies and Aviation Museum

Harry and I don’t go to the movies super often – maybe a half dozen times a year at most. This has actually been one of our bigger years for movie attendance, since we brought the kids a couple times as well as going to see a couple that we were really excited to see. When we arrived here last weekend, Amanda and Andrew were telling us about a really fun movie experience they had at the movie theater just down the street from them. So when our plans for Friday evening were rained out, we thought we would check out the movies instead, and decided to go see Dunkirk.

20770407_10214661943609021_6460878363089593935_nWhat a fun time. The seats are so comfy, and there is a table across from the seats that have napkins, condiments and an order form. When we bought our tickets we were given a menu.

You write your order down on the paper and then push a call button, and the waiter comes and gets your order. You can even order during the movie the same way.


I had a margarita, which was yummy, and Harry ordered an alcoholic drink which was like a milkshake, and we both ordered burgers.


We were really surprised that our food was really very good. And since it was 8:00 at night, we were pretty hungry, so we didn’t have any trouble eating our whole meal.

Dunkirk was a pretty intense movie, and fast-moving. No sneaking looks at my phone to see what time it was! We all thought it was well done.


Yesterday we went to the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

…a replica of the Wright Brothers plane


Although there are a number of planes there, the main centerpiece of the place is the plane from the event known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.”

A20768081_10214671210320683_5738108208272482402_nlthough I read a lot about this already back when it happened, it was very interesting to see the actual plane and read the information about the marks on the plane, the debris of the engines and see the real damage that occurred from the different parts of the incident.




I’m not a big airplane buff but it was an interesting way to spend a couple hours.

This morning we spent some time getting the rig ready to travel tomorrow. We have one more visit with Andrew and Amanda, and then our visiting time will be over for the summer. Although we’ve had a really great time seeing all the various members of our families over the past four months, we are looking forward to settling down and getting back to a regular routine and some normal life.


  1. I have never seen a movie theater like that one!! What a great concept!!! I wish we had one like that here. Maybe we'all run into one in our travels one day!! Love the idea!!

  2. I had a movie theater in the town I was living in PA that had a theater like that, kinda nice to be able to eat while watching a movie!