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Monday, August 14, 2017

A Walk Around Uptown Charlotte on Our Last Day

Since yesterday was our last day in Charlotte, we took the morning to do some of our trip preparations. Harry always likes to check the tires and empty the tanks, and I had some housekeeping stuff to take care of inside.

20799779_10214683457386852_7285041105820232776_nAfter lunch, we drove the short distance back over to Andrew and Amanda’s for what would turn out to be a really fun afternoon. Amanda took us to “uptown” Charlotte where a lot of the financial institutions have buildings – especially Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Amanda was a great tour guide as she works in one of these buildings also.


The sidewalks were mostly deserted as there really aren’t any tourist destinations in this area, and all of the financial places were closed for the weekend.


I could easily picture professionals enjoying these outside spaces on their lunch breaks.


And on days when it isn’t so pleasant, Amanda showed us how the buildings are connected so you can travel from one to the other without ever stepping foot outside. It’s like a little town in there!

20862342_10214692068002112_1793175119_oAs we crossed one intersection, my attention was caught by an interesting sculpture right in front of me. And since we had a few minutes before the light turned, I had enough time to notice that there was a different sculpture on each corner of this large intersection. And just by happenstance, we happened to walk over a placard on the stones which explained the four sculptures, which I was able to get a picture of also. That’s a lot of “happened to’s”, but I feel like I successfully found all the pieces of a puzzle! And it was interesting to learn a little bit about Charlotte’s history in the process.

20907246_10214692236366321_1641199026_oAfter exploring a bit, we enjoyed a really yummy BBQ dinner at a place called Midwood Smokehouse. Wow, so yummy! I had a brisket sandwich and mac ‘n’ cheese.


And then we finished up with one more drink at another local brewery…Legion Brewery.

Oh my. Everything was so good. And we have had our fill of eating out for some time.

20729757_10214691812915735_5733382936313319894_nToday we had another uneventful trip to our overnight destination…Pecan Park RV Park in Jacksonville, FL. We are hoping to get an early start tomorrow – we even stayed hooked up, which we rarely do! Tomorrow we’ll be arriving at Adelaide Shores in Avon Park, FL!

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  1. Nice to have spent the summer with family, ask how I know :) Enjoy your time in FL this winter, be anxious to see how you guys spend your time!