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Saturday, August 19, 2017

First Full Day and Getting Settled


This has been a great day. It’s the first day that we didn’t spend running back and forth between our two homes. Harry and I feel like, for us, we now have the best of both worlds. I asked him this morning, if we had been able to swing keeping both the house in NY and also rv’ing down south for the winter, would we ever have started fulltiming. We both agree that we don’t really know for sure what we would have done in that case. Our main objective has always been to get out of the cold NY winters. 20991669_10214744364829500_1605999380_oHaving this place in FL is much more affordable (despite the somewhat rude non-welcome by our a/c unit), so we now feel like we have the perfect situation for us. We are feeling pretty content. And, as you can see, so are the “kids”.


After a more leisurely start this morning, we both got to work in our respective rooms. I had the 20961209_10214744318788349_1474318261_okitchen pretty well set already, but our clothes were in piles everywhere.  Harry, in the meantime, was working in his workshop area. It desperately needed some organization.

Just a couple before pictures! The place was a MESS.

Now, for some after photos…


Our living room area – pretty much set. We are going to look for a couple recliners.


Our “guest bedroom” area… Right now we are using it for our bedroom until we finish painting and making the other changes in our bedroom.


The kitchen…

And the miraculous transformation in Harry’s workroom!!!



I can’t believe the change in just a few hours. Harry was in organizing heaven!

It feels good to have everything unpacked and in its place. Now, hopefully we will be able to find things again when we need them! haha


  1. Oh my gosh.... we went through the same process. Nice to be organized for sure. All in due time. Enjoy the process!

  2. Happy for you, but I cannot image settling back down yet - maybe someday!

  3. You guys are whipping this place into shape!