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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Card Sharks

20642348_10214579580910005_1999923166_oWay back in March or April, when the standard conversation started at Adelaide Shores about where everyone would be spending the summer, we were surprised to learn that while we were in Ohio we would be really close to two of our “couple” friends, Sandy and Dick, and Bill and Doris. We made plans to get together over the summer.

A few weeks ago we compared notes and came up with a date that worked for all of us.


Yesterday morning Sandy and Dick picked us up, and we traveled the 75ish mile trip to Doris and Bill’s place. We were also happily surprised to see another friend from Adelaide, Martha Jane, who lived nearby.

We can sum up the past two days in just a few short phrases…

…great conversation and lots of laughs…

(Dick and Doris…)


…lots of good food…

(Dick, Martha, Bill and Harry)


…and many, many games of cards!!

(From left to right Dick, Sandy, Martha, Doris, Bill and Harry)


We had such a great time. It was another bittersweet get-together as Martha, Doris and Bill are no longer coming down to Adelaide for the winter.

At the end of our two days of fun and laughter, it was time to say some more farewells and head back to Ohio. We made plans to hopefully have another great card marathon next summer.

(Doris, Bill and Martha)

And with the end of this visit, our time in the northeast has come to an end. Tomorrow we’ll be packing up and getting ready to travel. Saturday morning we’ll be on the road to Fort Chiswell RV Park in Max Meadows, VA for an overnight stop on our way to Charlotte, NC.

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