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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Goodbyes Said, Time with Friends

Well, our visit with the little guys is over for another year. While we were in Hershey, every time Schaun saw the previews for the new Emoji movie, we heard “I want to see that!” So yesterday as the finale for our time together, we took the boys to see the movie.

20616122_10214564065882139_651945644_oWe made an afternoon of it. We picked the boys up late morning, and started out with a picnic at the local park.


Kenny knows he’s cute! haha


We had a couple hours before the movie, so the boys had time to play at the park.


The kids had a good time playing frisbee with us at the campground, so the last half hour we found a shady spot and played some more frisbee. We had a great time – no pictures though!

Then we went to the movie. It was good, had some really funny lines and kept both boys interested. We spent a lot of time afterwards laughing about some of the punchlines.


We finished up with dinner at IHOP.


One last really fun day…

It was a good way to finish up our visit. Schaun especially doesn’t like goodbyes, so we kept him laughing about the movie and joking all the way home to keep his mind off it. We have had a wonderful time with them this summer and I am already looking forward to our time next year! Time to start planning!

20622869_10214555285662639_1761193318_oIn just a little while, we’ll be heading out for another fun time – but with adults instead of kids! Friends of ours from Adelaide, Bill and Doris (on the right in this picture), live just an hour from here. We made plans to get together months ago, and today is the day! 

Stay tuned!

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