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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Like Riding a Bike

20170408_141004This morning, as we were prepping our bedroom for the updates we want to do, I was reminded of that old saying about some processes being so familiar that you can jump right back into them, just like hopping back on a bike, even after years of not riding it at all. Over the ten years that Harry and I have been together, working on home improvement “stuff” has been a common thread…first in the condo that I had bought right before we met, then again in the condo when we 20993340_10214754592565187_1956821982_owere prepping it for showing, then in our house. So this morning it felt really comfortable and familiar, (like an old song we’d heard many times), as we got down to the business of cleaning our room up, spackling, taping, all that good stuff.

One of the parts of the project that Harry really wasn’t looking forward to was getting those dressers taken apart, as they were attached right to the wall, and he wasn’t sure what taking them apart was going to entail, and whether removing them would do any damage to the wall. So we tackled that first. 20991464_10214754590885145_292248474_oThe drawers did not come out easily, but it was helpful that we weren’t trying to save it, so Harry was able to overpower the hinges and wrestle the drawers out of place.

Then it was just a matter of Harry using his drill to remove the screws and take the “dresser” apart.


That’s better!

20993303_10214754567924571_1087444639_oThe second one came out even easier. It only took about an hour to get rid of both of them. Yay!

The other part that we weren’t sure about was getting rid of that mirror. It was glued right to the wall. Harry had never removed a glued mirror so I consulted our local expert – AKA Google.


Following the listed steps, we taped the mirror with duct tape, and then Harry used shims to slowly remove the mirror from the wall.


All gone!


The trim that runs along the wall did not go behind the “dresser” so Harry bought some one inch trim at Home Depot and finished the trim pattern so it wouldn’t be noticable that something had been removed from there.

Harry making our walls look good!

In between working on our updating project, we made a trip to a local furniture store and back to trusty ol’ Home Depot (for the trim and a couple other miscellaneous items we forgot to get the last time we were there). At the furniture store, they were having a great sale, and there was only one other customer there, so I think it was our fastest trip to a furniture store EVER. We now have a couple new recliners (arriving tomorrow!) and a new bed and chest of drawers (arriving a week from tomorrow). The woman we dealt with at Badcock Furniture (who was the store manager) was nice enough to split our order into two deliveries at no additional cost. That will give us time to finish the painting before our bedroom furniture arrives. We are so excited that within two weeks we are going to have a nice new updated bedroom.

Everything is coming together!


  1. All that "practice" you guys got over the years sure paid off!! The bedroom is looking good!! I can't wait to see the finished project!!

  2. Funny....... what are we twins? When we moved into the house in December we needed living room furniture. Where did we get it? Badcock and More. Never heard of them before moving to the south. Oh, we needed a guest bed too... but that came from Big Lots. So tell me, what did you get from Big Lots????

    1. haha that's hilarious. We just drove by Big Lots yesterday and I was thinking that we should stop and look there, since they have good prices. We haven't gone there yet though.