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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ah The Joys of Home Ownership–The Good And The Bad

20883763_10214707868797122_1845455991_oWell, for once Harry and I didn’t have any trouble getting going in the morning. We must be running on adrenalin right now because we have not been sleeping a lot for the last week or so – too much going on in our minds I guess. We were actually out and on the road a few minutes before 8 am. After looking at the traffic congestion showing on the map, we decided to take the road less traveled and go by way of I-10 instead of going around Jacksonville and up 95. It might have been a little bit longer distance wise, but at least we were always moving. Traffic that way was almost non-existent and the only slow-downs we encountered were on 27 when we started hitting traffic lights.

We arrived at Adelaide Shores around 1:30 and got set up in a site. We didn’t have to maneuver around vehicles because the area where the short-term people stay is completely empty. I didn’t get any pictures of that area yet, but will do that today.

After we got the air on and got enough opened up to let the cats out, we went over to our place. We intended to turn the fridge on, the air down, and then go over to Sebring to pick up a cat tree for the cats. But when we got to the house, it was already warmer than the temp we had set it on. The fan was running, but not the compressor. We turned it off and then back on to see if maybe that would reset it. Nothing seemed to happen, but we decided to go get the cat tree, and then come back and reevaluate.


Well, the cat tree mission was a success. They actually had the same exact cat tree we already have, so we bought that one. The cat tree is pretty heavy, so not something that we want to move back and forth.

20883371_10214707868197107_307994025_oWhen we arrived back home, the place was the same as we had left – definitely not cooling. So we called the a/c place and were happy to hear that someone would be here in about an hour and a half. (You know it’s bad when you’re in Florida in August and it’s cooler outside than inside! I hope I at least lost a pound or two with all the sweating I did!) So we opened the windows and started doing what we could in the hopes that the repair guy would be able to get the air conditioner going. Well….the good news is that he got the a/c working. The bad news is the problem was due to a Freon leak and to fix it would cost almost as much as a new one. So, guess what? Yes, we are unexpectedly having a new a/c unit installed tomorrow morning. Not something we thought we would be doing this soon, but I guess we’re just getting it out of the way first thing.


Once we knew that our air was back in business, we went over to the rv to get what we would need for the night, and to bring the cats back to the house.

20883946_10214708165724545_373242907_oAriel does not like change, so it took her a little while to decide to come out of her carrier. And the first thing she did was find the best hiding places. She spent half the evening running for the very back corner under the bed, or going under the table.

20930454_10214707861636943_1103844065_oBy this time it was 7 pm, and despite being really sick of eating out, there was no way I was going to cook a meal at that point, so we ordered a pizza from the place next door.

After dinner Harry got the tv out. (It was the one we used to set up in the basement area of the rig.) We were so glad that we bought the Amazon fire stick because it was nice to be able to plug that in and get the tv going.


Ariel even started to relax.


We got the couch bed opened up and put together. With the board support, two mattresses and a topper, it was actually pretty comfortable. Good thing because we’ll be sleeping on it for at least a couple weeks!


  1. Kathy insisted we keep certain pieces of furniture so if and when we come off the road we can set up a home base within a day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your new lifestyle.

    It's about time.

  2. Welcome home!!! Not to worry now you have a brand new AC and you don't have to worry about it going out!! Besides things like that happen no matter where or what you live in!
    It looks like Ariel is getting settled!!!

  3. What an unpleasant welcome home :( Hopefully it didn't break the bank too badly. Glad you are getting settled in. Will you guys take everything out of the RV, or leave enough in there to be able to take off if the mood strikes?

  4. You totally reminded me of one reason I don't miss owning a house! Although - Bill had to replace one of our 2 A/C's this spring! Hope that's your only negative surprise!

  5. Oh yea, summer in Florida with no A/C. If you will remember two years ago we were at Disney with no A/C in the fifthwheel until the last day. 3 kids, 2 adults, Florida in July and living in a tin can. Welcome to home ownership! (It's worth it)