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Monday, August 7, 2017

Goodbye Ohio…Hello Charlotte

20638240_10214596696097874_9209999415673321355_nWell after a fun month in Ohio, on Saturday it was time for us to move on down the road. We liked the campground that we stayed at this year, Countryside Campground, for the most part. But it was another one of those campgrounds that was built before the time of the big rig, and the turns were super tight. 19849088_10214226092113006_1306810719_nThere was also something about the left turn out of the section we were in, that every time we stayed there this year, on our way out, the bedrail of the truck connected with the underside of the fifth wheel overhang, and gouged a hole in the trim piece. EVERY time. In the exact SAME spot. So we are glad that we have finished our last stay there for this year, and we probably won’t be going back.

<-----The left turn at the end of this road was not kind to our rig.

20747037_10214616142024010_1038815988_oOn Saturday, we traveled to Fort Chiswell RV Park in Max Meadows, VA, where we had a nice pull through spot for the night. It was a pretty long trip by our standards – about 350 miles. But our reward was we only had 144 left to go on Sunday so we had a nice leisurely morning yesterday, and didn’t pull out until after 11.

20663662_10214609448176668_2504503226128436755_nWe had a nice uneventful trip yesterday to our current location – Charlotte/Fort Mill KOA in Fort Mill, SC. We have a back in spot and Harry got the rig right in without any problem. It only took us five years but we’re finally getting good at backing in! haha

20638454_10214611669792207_3482143956831652291_nLast night we drove into Charlotte to meet Andrew and Amanda for dinner at a local brewery. We stayed in the area on our way north this spring but didn’t actually go into the city then, so it was our first view of the downtown area.


This looks interesting! These ladies were powering it along like a bike while the guy at the wheel steered it. Guess they’re working off their drinks!


We had some yummy food and drinks at the Heist Brewery, and then we headed over to Andrew and Amanda’s new apartment to see their new digs. We had a great time chatting for a while before it was time to head home and crash.


We are looking forward to being able to have a lot of time to catch up over the coming week.


  1. That trolley car is quite interesting!! I've never seen one you pedal like that!! It would be great exercise though!!
    I hate you all had that trouble with the turn! Ouch!! I think I would find another place too! Or at least a different area in that campground!!

  2. I understand how sitting awhile can make the brain a bit foggy.I hope George remembers how to drive this thing in another month. We've been sitting here so long, it may take a bit of doing!