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Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Month of Changes

20960945_10214734439861382_904790804_oAs we come to the end of August, I was thinking back about what a whirlwind month it’s been. We started out this month in Ohio, spent a week in Charlotte, and then for the past 15 days we’ve been down at our new place in Avon Park. We spent a few days hooked up on the area they call “the hill” while we got the place cleared out, and then we moved it to storage. A couple days ago, we swung by there just to check things out and all was good there. Having the rig in storage only a couple miles from here is going to be so convenient.

I still don’t want to do any pictures of the bedroom because our dresser still hasn’t come in. We called Badcock to check on the progress and it sounds like we may get it next Thursday. I am really pleased with how the room looks already. Even though a king sized bed is not the usual size for the room, it fits really well, and we have more room on either side than we have around the bed in the rv. So it feels plenty roomy to us. It will be nice though, when our dresser comes in, so we can get some of our clothes out of the closet.

We’ve also painted the hall and an accent wall in our guest area/sitting room, taken out the valences over the windows and replaced all the window shades. A lot of the changes are little ones, but we really like the overall effect.

20170408_140403 (1)

This morning we worked on a change that I have really been looking forward to. As a reminder, here is what the kitchen looked like in April.

17992315_10213391331084502_2145928069459821080_nThere wasn’t a ton of counter space, and what there was wasn’t very functional because of the way the cabinet space was configured.

Here is Harry at Easter trying to carve the ham without bonking his head or hand on the cabinet.


We removed the doors to the cabinet a couple weeks ago.


Today Harry first removed all the trim and paneling, so he could see how the cabinets were attached.


Then he placed blocks underneath the cabinet to support it, and used his drill to removed all the screws anchoring it to the ceiling and walls.21277807_10214863289762549_1583305257_o

Then we carefully lifted it down onto the countertop below, and Harry just took it apart, piece by piece. I didn’t get any pictures of that last step though.

21267689_10214864614595669_2016600844_oI just love the open concept look. It feels so roomy. Eventually we will paint the cabinets and update different parts of the kitchen. But for right now we’re just going to do some painting, (you can see the new color on the wall), and put up a shelf on the wall to hold some pots and pans.

I love how the place is coming together!


  1. Boy how removing those cabinets sure did open up the entire space...it looks really good!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great idea taking that cabinet down, really looks a lot more spacious!

  4. I hate to paint. Good thing some people don't mind. So, I suppose you two are among those that don't mind painting. I always laugh. When we had the house in NJ, we paid to have rooms painted. Then we joined NOMADS. So, now I find myself painting for free. Yea, you've been busy with all the changes. But well worth it.