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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year!! Smile Yes, I am up bright and early because I was in bed dreaming sweet dreams long before that ball was dropping in the city.

Later this morning, Harry and I are hitting the road for Burlington MA to celebrate Christmas one more time. It is going to be a great day for traveling because it is supposed to be 53 degrees there today! Wow!! We will enjoy it because it is going to be only a short respite before the cold weather returns tomorrow.

Yesterday, I did my post looking back at the past year. Today, I’m going to look ahead to the coming year. Listing our goals today will give us something to measure our progress by in 12 months. Be right back

We have a couple fun trips coming up in the next few months. In February we are going to an RV show in Boston. We splurged a bit and made a reservation at the hotel/convention center where the show is being held. It overlooks Boston Harbor I believe. So that should be a really fun couple of days. Then, in April we are heading to Tennessee for the RV-Dreams rally. That will be our first rally and we are both really excited to be going! We are looking forward to meeting people and learning a lot. Open-mouthed smile

On a financial front, there are two goals we have for the year. One is under our control and the other is not. We will have Harry’s car paid off by November! And hopefully, we will sell that condo!!!

Our biggest list of goals have to do with our house improvements. We are really hoping that this will be our last year spending a major amount of our time working on the house.

By the end of this year, we hope to….

  • have the kitchen upgrade finished
  • finish the stairwell and upstairs hallway painting
  • redo the upstairs bathroom – replacing the vanity, mirror, toilet and floor
  • complete the staining on the window units
  • install the downstairs guestroom floor
  • paint the downstairs guestroom
  • finish painting one wall in our bedroom

It is an ambitious list. But we think it is doable. If we have all of the above done by the end of this year, we will have a much shorter list for 2012. And hopefully, by 2013, we will have one year to just enjoy our final plans and preparations for hitting the road without having work to do on the house.

One final thought for today - I have really appreciated being part of this online “RV blogger” community over the past months. I hope that this new year brings lots of happiness, love and laughter to all of you (and good travels to all of you who are out on the road).

So time to start another year!! Have a great day!


  1. Hi Jessica. Happy New Year to you and Harry. Hey, if you are in our part of the state this summer, please consider stopping for a visit.


  2. Yay for the new year! One day, one YEAR closer to our dreams!!

  3. I first read Laurie and Georges blog and then yours. Gosh - all those goals for 2011.

    When I was w o r k i n g, I had a todo list. Always felt great each time I checked off an item. Bet you feel the same.

    Have a happy and HEALTHY new year.

  4. onward to 2011..and another year closer!!..safe travels to you and Harry today..enjoy your next 'christmas dinner'..!!

  5. Another Christmas!! How did you get so lucky? :) Glad to see you are getting things accomplished to get on the road. It will go by fast!

  6. Looks like a quite doable list.

    One day at a time!