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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost There!

It’s been a crazy week. Due to various schedule changes, and people being off, I opened the branch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Three early days in a row! Yuck. Today I am back to my normal, and I actually get to sit and enjoy my coffee while I watch the news. I love my normal schedule. Usually Monday is my only early day.

We finally got started on our packing last night. Our big suitcase is chocked to the zippers with warm weather clothes, and a little bit of the cold type – this time of year, you never know. Whatever it is, chances are it’ll be warmer than here – it’s 37 degrees outside this morning. Our house is still holding the warmth very nicely though. I haven’t even been tempted to turn on the pellet stove. I think part of the reason we’re staying warmer inside longer is that I have resisted the temptation this fall to open the windows very much, even though I am usually a huge fresh air advocate. Now instead, it’s stale and warm! In love

Two more days to work – we head out tomorrow evening for parts south!


  1. Lucky you!! Have a great time on the vacation. Hopefully it'll be warmer there than north. We woke up to cold temps too. Electric FP is on, and kicked on the propane heat just a bit to take the chill off. Then it gets into the upper 70's. Geez :)

  2. Hi,
    Just read your profile.

    You guys are too young to retire.
    Aren't you? haha.

    Sounds like the perfect plan.

    Just signed on to follow your blog.

    Lauree and I are 9 days away from ending our 5 month trip in our Motorhome. Been a Blast.

  3. Exciting times! Good luck on your trip south and travel safe.

  4. Travel safe and enjoy!

    We woke up to the cold this morning. Could not believe we went through two tanks of propane in a week. Nope! Len forget to open one valve.

  5. Sounds like fun times ahead... hope you find warmer weather!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. hey it's Friday tomorrow!..you made it through another week!!

  7. Sounds exciting!! Have fun and travel safely!! :-)

  8. I hope you enjoy your trip! Take care...