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Saturday, October 29, 2011


My sister and I were saying yesterday that we both can remember “green” Christmases not that long ago when we both used to like white ones. But now that we’ve decided we’ve had enough of the white stuff, it just keeps coming and coming. That’s right, another storm coming up the pike today.


The blue arrow is pointing to our approximate location. We are pretty much smack in the middle of the range, but I’m sure hoping that we’re closer to seven inches than we are to ten. If that 4 – 7 area would just dip a little lower, that would be fine with me!! However, no matter how much we end up with - YUCK!    And it’s going to be that heavy wet stuff, so on top of it, they’re warning about the potential of losing power. I am so over winter already, and it’s only the end of October…<sigh>….

We actually have/had a fun day planned today, assuming the snow doesn’t come early and put a crimp in our plans. We have signed up for a Heartland Owners rally in Lake George next June. It’s going to be at the same campground we stayed at in September. The couple organizing the rally are coming up today to check out a possible restaurant for the group to go to one evening, and we’re meeting them and another couple for lunch at the restaurant. Hopefully we will get to Lake George and home before the snow starts flying. Update tonight, and probably snow pictures… Thinking smile


  1. sure wish you were in the south now! the moisture you are going to get is what must have hit us here in north carolina - in the last two days as rain and more rain.

  2. YUK is right!! It is way to early for that much snow and possible ice.
    Keep your eyes on the prize and remember one day soon you can drive away from that junk!! In the meantime stay safe and warm!!
    The rally sounds great!!

  3. The heavy and wet stuff usually melts before too long, so perhaps you might get lucky and see the ground again before spring! Here's hoping.......

  4. Rained hard all night and all day. Sure glad it's now snow here. Bet ya getting LOTS of it up there.

  5. But wait. Isn't it still October? Trick or treating by snow machine? I don't understand.