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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Arriving in Williamsburg

IMG_0823We had a nice relaxing day, well, as relaxing as it gets when you’re traveling 5 hours in a car.

And it was another beautiful day! For our first two days of vacation we have had wonderful weather.

We have arrived at King’s Creek and are very pleased with the house! It is going to work so perfectly for our two families!

So, here is the tour…

Here is our little home away from home for the week…



This is the view from our front porch…






When you go in the outside door, there are two “apartments” and we have both of them.

This is the living area for the smaller apartment…


and this is our bedroom.






This is the living area for the larger apartment, which is what we will probably use most of the week.

Here are Harry and Mike checking out something on tv.


The larger kitchen…





Denise and I went grocery shopping and probably bought enough food for a few weeks.

In the above picture, you can see the stairs that go upstairs – to a couple more bedrooms.


You can see that the kids are working hard at unpacking their stuff.





We have settled in somewhat and are relaxing and enjoying the feeling of not having to go anywhere tomorrow!


  1. I love Colonial Williamsburg It is my favorite place in the world.

    Leanne (Laurie's Mom)

  2. Looks as if you're in for a real fun filled time...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. That part of the country has so much history and stuff to see. Over the years they have really changed visiting Jamestown with all the archaeology going on.

    Used to get stuff at Williamsburg Pottery - but that changed once we moved into the fifthwheel!

  4. What a great place to stay. Willamsburg is such a cool place to visit as well. Have fun!!