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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Search of Shopping

IMG_0853On Tuesday Harry, Denise and I went looking for some places to spend some money! Well, probably Denise and I were going to spend the money. Before we left the house, we searched the internet looking for some unique shops in the area. We came up with a couple that looked promising – New Town and Riverwalk in Yorktown. There is also a Prime Outlet village here. But we have a Prime Outlet not far from where we live, so we didn’t want to go there again. We were hoping for something different – some place to maybe find some unique Christmas gifts.

So off we headed in the car. We went to New Town first. Bottom line, it looks like down the road it may be a nice place for a shopping trip. Right now though, there were maybe twelve shops there, and only one that was a gift type shop. The rest were all selling clothes. There was a lot of construction going on in the area, and quite a number of vacant shops. So we checked this place off our list and headed on to number two - Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown.

IMG_0855The trip there was nice and very scenic. To get to Yorktown, we traveled on the Colonial parkway.





Now! Riverwalk Landing has to be the best example of promotion through advertising that I have ever seen. Take a minute to look at the link for it I have provided above.


What would you expect to see when you arrived here?

To quote…

“River Shop - sample specialty waterfront shops designed in the spirit of Colonial architecture that offer clothing, jewelry, quilts, art, patriotic items, home decor, and more.”

This looked like a cute little shop, but it was closed.


Other than this place, right nearby there was ONE other shop, which sold every kind of patriotic item that you could imagine – yup – patriotic clothing, quilts, paintings. I didn’t notice if there was any jewelry there, but there may have been.

Then, as we walked along the path by the river, there was a little sign across the street with an arrow that told us to go up these steps to get to scenic Main St. with more shops.



So we climbed the steps to see what we could see…

Voila! Main Street!!




Don’t get me wrong – this was a cute little place, and very scenic. If we had come looking for someplace to take pictures and explore the sights, it would definitely be on the list.



But for a day of shopping, not so much.





Harry and Denise expressing their opinion of the shopping possibilities to be found here.


So anyway, the shopping trip was a bust. But we had a nice day exploring, even though we didn’t spend any money. Well, other than on lunch – we had to go console ourselves with food. Winking smile


IMG_0847I had a question the other day about Colonial Williamsburg and the need for tickets. A one day pass is about $38 for one person approximately. After you pay for your tickets, there is a path from the Visitor Center to the village, or you can take the shuttle, which is included in the ticket price.

IMG_0843A lot of the stuff is outside – the courtyard where the soldiers do their drills, the encampments. The only time you need the tickets is to actually enter the buildings. As we walked toward Merchant Square, we started seeing parking spots. So if someone was going to Colonial Williamsburg, and didn’t care about seeing inside places like the courthouse and the Governor’s mansion, you wouldn’t really need to spend the forty bucks per person. You could park in the Merchant Square area and walk around the township area. Just an FYI.

Today is going to be a laid back day. We are just going to relax and Harry and I have massages scheduled at 1:30 this afternoon. Ahhh!


  1. just think of the money you saved by not finding any shops to shop in!!..enjoy your day and the massages today!!

  2. Somebody is doing an excellent job marketing!! Sorry you were a little disappointed but you did save money!! :-)

    Have a great day!!

  3. As above, you saved money :) But..massages..now that is my idea of money well spent!

  4. Thanks for the pricing clarification. Now if I could only remember all that whenever I finally get there. If ever.
    We'd probably pony up the dough though, since I'd want to take it all in, especially the woodworking area(s).
    Besides, if there's no shopping? Well, what's a little ole entrance fee?

  5. Hmmm...somebody has some delusions of grandeur about their shopping opportunities. Oh well, like the others said...money saved. Probably more fun visiting Colonial Williamsburg anyway.