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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Look Back at the Beginning

It won’t be long now until we have to turn on the heat. We have not turned it on yet, and I am still hoping for November 1st. Our house has cooled, of course. IMG_1824But it holds the heat really well, and has ever since we replaced all our windows with Pella windows in 2008. You can see here what the house looked like back then – notice the front door and the windows in the living room.



That was the beginning of our house remodeling project, so you can see that we have been at this for quite a while now. 

The house was a mess for much of the summer of 2008, but we were definitely pleased with the results.

Notice the rust colored carpet – that was back before we started replacing everything with the wood flooring.








We also added the garden window in the kitchen.






So that was the beginning of it all. We certainly feel that we have made the house much more marketable. Although we may not financially recoup the monies that we put into the house improvements over the past three and a half years, if we are able to sell the house in a timely fashion, we will consider it all a success!


<sigh> As I’ve been been writing this, I’ve been listening to the weather forecast. We have a chance of snow for this Thursday evening – maybe 4 inches or more.

NO, I’m not ready yet!!! Crying face Come back, beautiful fall weather!!


  1. We got our forecast too and it says snow as well. Oh well. We know it comes every year.

    You have done really good stuff to the home!

  2. Catching up on reading..we checked our weather and it shows snow showers on Thursday at our house too. Lovely. We keep saying...one more winter!!!!

  3. I like the look of the house with the new door and windows. I think you may have to revise that Nov. 1 date for turning on the heat...or get some thermal underwear!

  4. say it isn't so??..snow already!..not even Halloween yet!