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Monday, October 31, 2011

We Were Lucky

IMG_1025Well, we think that we made it through this little episode without any major damage. We aren’t 100% sure yet because Harry has not been back up on the roof yet. It was about 50 degrees here yesterday and the snow was melting. But the roof was too wet and slippery for Harry to be up there traipsing around. IMG_1027He did set up his huge step ladder on the side and went up to take a look while I held it steady. The tree made what almost looks like claw marks on the side, but no punctures that we can see.

We have a call in to the insurance company, but we don’t know that anything is actually going to be done – we just wanted it reported in case. The guy who does RV claims doesn’t work on Sunday, so Harry will probably be hearing back from him this morning. Harry ordered some Eternabond last night, so if nothing else, he will be putting that over the affected areas.

This storm was a killer for some of the trees in our little development, which is a little weird, because we really only got maybe 6 or 7 inches. It’s not the first wet snow we’ve had in the past few years, but it did the most tree damage I can remember.


This is our neighbor’s oak tree, right across from our driveway. It’s a beautiful tree. I took this picture first thing in the morning when it was still weighted down with the snow. Later on we could see that there were some major breaks.











And elsewhere in the development…













We sent a message to the company that takes care of our lawn. They are going to take the maple tree down. It is too badly damaged to leave it up. So we won’t have to deal with any more leaves or tree branches on our fiver from that tree. But it’s too bad – it was a pretty tree.

It is supposed to be warm all week, that is, in the fifties. Smile So our snow will be gone very soon. I hope we don’t have any more for quite a while. Yeah, I know…but a girl can hope, right!??


  1. I keep hearing it's supposed to be a mild winter. Hopefully this storm isn't a sign of things to come! Maybe winter is getting over with early?! ;-)

  2. glad to hear that the damage to the roof was minimal!!

  3. Glad your damage was nothing severe! Stay warm, and hope your weather improves soon.