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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend!

This has been just an all-around nice weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous out, with a temp of 57 out there right now, and with the sun, it feels so pleasant! Right now we have our windows open, and the fresh air is wonderful. We may eke out one more week without heat. If the weatherman is to be believed (yes I know that’s a stretch), by next weekend our highs are going to be down in the 40s and our lows down in the 20s. So this might be our last hurrah before the cold weather moves in.

On top of the nice weather, we have had some time to relax and enjoy the weekend, and we also got a lot done. Just a perfect kind of weekend.

Yesterday Harry started working on the roof of the fiver, cleaning it up, and today he headed back up for awhile more to apply the treatment. Here are the final results…

IMG_0957 IMG_0958 IMG_0959

What a great job he did! The fiver is done now, and ready for the winter months.


We also spent some time working on the guestroom. As you can see, the closet especially needed a coat of paint.




It is pretty well set. I think the closet may need another coat, and there may be a few touch-up spots. But for the most part, we can knock the guestroom painting off the list.




And, if that wasn’t enough for one weekend, we also replaced the kitchen light…

Here is before…





and, only about 30 minutes later, we had a brand new look…


I love it!!

We also drove over to Walmart this afternoon for a couple items, and not far from our development we noticed that the 4H club was having a chicken bbq fundraiser.


So when we got back, we fit in time for a walk to pick up a yummy dinner…


Notice I haven’t given up on my flip flops just yet….













See what I mean?! Does that sound like a wonderful weekend, or what?

Hope you all had a great weekend too!! Smile


  1. Boy...you guys sure have been busy!! That roof looks like you could eat dinner on it. Nice!!
    Doesn't it feel great to check things off the "to do" list???
    I sure hope you can squeak a few more days out of NOT turning on that heat!! Good luck!!
    Very nice fall pictures!!

  2. Great job checking off things on your to-do list! That roof is so bright you need sunglasses! :-)

    Love your fall pics.

  3. The roof looks wonderful...good job. I enjoyed the pictures of your walk and the beautiful fall colors.

  4. sounds like a perfect fall weekend!!!..good for you guys!!