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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Had to Do It

Maybe if I hadn’t been off today, it wouldn’t have happened. IMG_0970But with a high of about 46 degrees today, there wasn’t too much sun outside to warm up the air in here, and by this afternoon, my nose was cold! So…had to break down and turn up the thermostat so the pellet stove would kick on and warm the place up. However, making it to the 26th of October sure wasn’t bad.




This is the view of the front yard from our living room. This picture of the tree is from this past Sunday. There is nowhere near that number of leaves on the tree now. By the time, the rain and other assorted varieties of precipitation passes us by in the next few days, our trees probably will be mostly bare.


It sure was nice while it lasted.

It was a slow news day. Harry had an appointment this morning and I tagged along. Afterwards we went for a nice late breakfast. By that time, the morning was pretty well over. Add in some grocery shopping and other odds and ends and there went another quick day off. A day off sure does speed by!


  1. Oh you wimped out! Couldn't you have just had a nice cuppa hot tea??? Seriously, I'm just kidding...seriously!!!

    That's a great picture of the tree through your window.

  2. Our trees are still full of leaves all brightly colored...just beautiful. I guess being in the south helps!! The view from your window is a real winner....very pretty.
    Making it this long without turning on the heat is pretty darn good. We've already had ours on in Georgia but then you know those southerners just can't stand the cold. LOL

  3. Such pretty colors. Craig turned on the furnace this morning. It was not that cold! I told him to get up and get moving instead. I think his high blood pressure meds are working overtime.

  4. Old man winter is coming soon!..sorry to hear you didn't last till after Halloween to start up the stove!

  5. We had to shut the fifth wheel up for our trip, so no heat. Now I see we're getting a hard freeze tonight...yikes. George shut the water off so hopefully it'll be ok!