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Monday, October 10, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg

IMG_0835Yesterday, after a leisurely morning, we decided to head over and check out Colonial Williamsburg.



We started off in the Visitor Center where we purchased our tickets. In hindsight, I think we might not have purchased tickets if we realized that we could actually go almost everywhere without one.



It was a good walk from the Visitor Center to the village center. There were shuttles available, but we just decided to follow the pathway.




I tried to imagine what it was actually like to live back in Colonial times. It might be cool to have someone drive me around in a horse-drawn carriage.

But being in the stocks might not be so much fun.









It was a hot day to be marching around in full colonial dress. I was trying to imagine what this would be like in July and August.

At the Governor’s Palace, there was a maze in the garden, and we sat down on a bench outside while the kids explored.



It was a great day, and probably the most walking I’ve done in a long time! I enjoyed it a lot.

Today Denise and I are going to check out the shopping in the area. It looks to be another nice day!


  1. That is so true. When buying tickets there, you just don't know which building are worth the admission and which not.

    Great weather and great times!

  2. enjoy your time in Williamsburg!..looks like the weather is beeeuutttiful!!!..much better than here...rain and more rain today and the rest of the week.

  3. We enjoyed our time their but haven't been in a long time... Hopefully we'll get to revisit it this next summer...
    Have fun

  4. Williamsburg is on my bucket list. (well, not that I really have much of a list).
    My wife had the chance for a visit a number of years ago as a part of some company outing, and had glowing things to say.
    So, tickets are only needed for certain parts?

  5. Sure looks like you're getting great weather for your visit.

    I can think of some politico's who would look good in those stocks!!

  6. Looks like all is going well! Great picture of the two of you too :)