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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Travel Day

Well, we are on our way home. It’s been a good week, but we were ready to head out this morning. Both Harry and I remarked at how different it is staying in a place like this as opposed to taking our fiver someplace. Going somewhere in our rv truly does feel like we have taken our home with us. Having our own bed, our comfy chairs, all of the supplies in our cupboard, with our own pots and pans, and also a big thing is being able to bring our cats with us. I am so glad that our future times away from home will be spent in our own place.

IMG_0886Today was a dreary day for traveling. We started out with breakfast out at a local Pancake & Waffle place. Although they had every possible breakfast item – Harry enjoyed a sausage omelette.




The scenery didn’t change very much as we traveled along from Williamsburg toward our hotel stop in West Virginia. I much prefer travelling on sunny days, and from the weather forecast, I think that tomorrow may be more to my liking. Smile


It was definitely a travel day for truckers – we saw bunches of them on the roads.

After about five hours on the road, we landed at our hotel, and we have ordered out from a local sub shop. Yum.

We just turned the news on, and there’s a tornado watch in Virginia. I believe the highlighted watch area includes where we were during the week. So we definitely picked the right day to head out!!

We will be leaving tomorrow morning for parts north. Time to go home….


  1. Someday you will always be "home."

  2. You headin' up 81 at all? Like maybe through our little berg? Sounds like you had a good week, but I sure understand how it is to be in the RV :)

  3. I like what Merikay said up there! Hope your travels home are safe -- it sounded like you got out of there just in time! :)

  4. We forgot how nice it was to take our home with us. We spent some time in Florida last month and oh how different it felt. It was nice but just not the same. We are counting the days until we get our "part-time" rig and can have our stuff with us wherever we go.
    Travel safely!!

  5. I never thought I would dislike hotels/motels so much. Once we started RVing I DETEST staying in any other bed but my own.

    Betca can't wait to see those furry babies of yours!

  6. After traveling and staying in our 5'er it would be pretty hard to go back to sleeping in a strange bed in a motel. Safe travels home.

  7. We LOVE the fact that we always have our home with us, and you will too!