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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uh OH!!!

Well, we didn’t lose power, but as we feared, the heavy, wet snow brought down branches. And when we got up this morning, it was to discover this…


A branch from this tree fell right on the fiver. Crying face








Our first priority was getting it off the roof, so Harry went up and cut the branches on top of it.


IMG_1020After Harry got most of the branches clipped, he tied a rope around the tree branch, and we PULLED!



IMG_1011The good news is…nothing went THROUGH the roof.

But it looks like there could be some damage to the rubber of the roof. We will know more when more of the snow melts. We haven’t opened the slide yet, but it appears that nothing was damaged there. But we will be calling the insurance company about the roof, if nothing else.

It could have been SO much worse, so we are thankful for that, but still wasn’t a great way to start a day. <sigh>


  1. Sorry to read about the tree but like you say it could have been much worse! Hope the roof turns out to be just fine.

  2. Oh no! Hope there's no damage to the roof. The snow looks pretty but that can be deceptive, huh? :)

  3. I wondered how much snow you guys got. We saw some big totals for your area!

  4. my goodness!..time for some major tree trimming!!..glad to hear that the damage is minimal!!

  5. So glad to hear that it wasn't worse than it was. I am sure I know how you felt when you first saw it. We felt the same way when we blew a tire on Serenity and saw the damage that did.

    Take care Jessica and tell Harry to watch his footing up on that roof.

  6. It's too early for snow. Hope that you don't have any damage to the RV. Are you going to get an RV cover?

  7. Glad no accidents happened in clearing that away. Not fun. I hope no damage occured that is expensive or hard to repair.

  8. Oh my gosh! I really hate to hear about the tree falling on the 5er. So glad it appears nothing was terribly damaged but nothing like that is good. I'm glad Harry was able to get the limbs cut off the roof but he needs to be really careful up there with all the ice and snow. We'll cross our fingers that any damage is minimal!!

  9. When I insured the Alfa I kept talking about "what if a tree falls on it?" I hope it never does, but it miight.

    The snow really does look pretty from a distance :-}

  10. Oh no!! So sorry to hear about this mishap, but as you say it could've been so much worse. Hope any damage is minimial and repairs are quick and easy.

  11. Whew! Close call. Fingers are crossed for good news on the roof. ~M