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Saturday, October 1, 2011

End of Another Week

We’re into October now, and the leaves are really turning. We now get nightly “foliage reports” on the evening news, and according to that, some areas of the Adirondacks are nearing peak already. So far, we’ve been a little warmer than some years. I looked back at my blog entries for this time last year, and this was the weekend we turned on the heat. This year our house hasn’t even gotten a little chilly yet. Does this bode well for the winter? I sure hope so!

I am so excited that Laurie and George are picking up their fifth wheel today! I remember so well what that excitement, nervousness, excitement, fear, anxiety, excitement etc. felt like. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been four months already. It is starting to really hit me how fast the time is going by! We are now down to one year and 3 months until we put our house on the market. I am a loan officer where I work and we are setting first payments for the middle of November already! Yesterday I started thinking about how to line up our yearly physicals and other necessary appts. so that they fall between the months of May and September. So we wrote them all down on a calendar – we only have a couple that need to be rearranged by a month or two. When we get back from vacation, we have to get busy on our list for the rest of this year – we will only have 11 weeks to meet our goal to get that stuff accomplished by the end of the year.

Today if the weather cooperates, Harry is going to work on winterizing the fiver. We will be leaving for vacation in a few days and when we get back, the cold weather will most likely be setting in with a vengeance. I am heading off to work in a bit, and will work on something when I get home this afternoon, but I don’t know what yet. In love

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Happy Saturday Jessica!..we are counting down with you!!!

  2. Glad your fall weather has been nice so far. Too bad we can't save the warmth and use it in December....

  3. We got through the first drive ;-)
    We see some fall colors a bit here, thought it is not that cold yet. Here, in Hershey, we have the little fireplace going, with just a bit of heat to take the chill off. Nice :)

  4. Hope you are having a great weekend! The weather is really nice here as well. Hope it is a mild winter for us all. :-)