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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun on a Dreary Day

IMG_0984Being Saturday, I headed off to work bright and early this morning. Although there was nothing bright about it. What a dreary day! The clouds were low and heavy with the impending storm.




I only had to work for a few hours, as I traded shifts with a co-worker and opened for a change, as well as getting out a little earlier than usual. So that was a nice start to the day.

I took the above pictures as we were traveling to Lake George. You can see that the majority of our bright foliage is long gone.


We were glad that the snow didn’t come in early so that we had a chance to get our little trip in first. The place where we went for lunch, The Docksider, turned out to be a cute little restaurant situated right on Glen Lake.



It is open year round and was decorated for Halloween/fall.







Greg and Beth, and Mike and Carol, are the first Heartland owners that we have met in person. We enjoyed telling them about some of our newbie adventures!


From L to R…Harry and me, Mike, Carol, Beth and Greg

It was great to meet them and we are already looking forward to our first Heartland Owners Rally next June!


After a great lunch, we headed for home, and happily we landed just as the flakes were starting to stick!










It is definitely the heavy wet variety of snowstorm, and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we don’t lose power.


  1. We'll cross our fingers with you....hoping for no power outages!

    Stay warm!

  2. Lee talked to his cousin in NJ and they had 4 1/2 inches at approximatley 5:00 pm. They also had lost power. We are thinking about you. Lee is from NJ and he said he has never known it to snow in October. Thinking about both of you. Just look forward to the fulltime days.