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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Trip to Foxburg, PA

Location: Emlenton, PA (High 78, Low 58)

fb4Yesterday when we checked in, the person at the desk suggested a couple places in a small town nearby that he thought we might find interesting. So after we took a walk around the campground, we decided to take a drive around to see what we could see.


What we found was a small town called Foxburg, and in a little square we found a sampling of all our favorite kinds of places. Smile




There was a restaurant there called the Allegheny Grill. .




There was a landing right outside with a great view of the Allegheny River.




The Allegheny Grill…great food!




After lunch, we checked out the other main attractions…a wine store with free tastings…




and a chocolate store.



Very cool to find a little town with all our favorite kinds of stops.


After doing our part to support the local economy, we decided we had done enough exploring, so now we are home relaxing for the rest of the day Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit rainy, so we will probably be laying low. On Saturday we head for Perrysburg, Ohio.


  1. We love finding cute, small towns. And we love checking out the local shops! Food, chocolate and wine...what a great outing :).

    Thanks for sharing your day!!

  2. Looked like a great little town to explore. Safe travels to the next state!

  3. Replies
    1. Sure is!! And we can smell the cows but can't see them like you have.