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View From the Trail to Mount Colvin

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Relaxing Day

Location: Woodbine, GA (High 81, Low 59)

Today was a not so busy, hang around the campground kind of day. I started out by walking 3.5 IMG_0902miles, and since the campground is pretty small, I covered the same ground quite a few times. It isn’t too bad when listening to an IPod, and so much nicer than a treadmill. And when it’s in the 60s and sunny, that’s even better.



In the afternoon, Harry brought out the griddle that we got for Christmas last year, and cooked us a delicious lunch of hamburgers with grilled onions and some fried potatoes.




We also spent a little time exploring the nature trail in the back. And when I say a little time, I mean just that! Flirt male We discovered that it just kind of loops back around on itself. So even when you think you’re taking a new part of the trail, two IMG_0916minutes later (or less), you go around a corner to discover that you’re back on the same trail! The best part of the area back there is the spot we discovered last night, so we returned there for another visit.


So that was the extent of our day for today. We have already packed up most of our stuff, as tomorrow is a “long” traveling day for us – 350 miles – and we want to get on the road a little earlier than we usually do.

We’ll be coming to you tomorrow from Fayetteville, NC!


  1. Wow, you are sounding like us at the beginning. Long driving day :) Safe travels to you guys!