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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Views From The Road in Iowa

Location: Onawa, IA (High 57, Low 28)

IMG_5171Today we were back to our usual type of travel day – a little over 200 miles.

It was very easy to get going this morning as our bodies are still on Eastern time. We headed out right around 10 am.



The scenery hasn’t changed too much in the past couple of days, but I still keep snapping pictures. I am fascinated by the wide open expanses and broad vistas.




We passed through areas with tons of wind turbines, I don’t even know how many. (I’ve seen them before but not in these numbers.)




A lot of them were on the driver’s side so I couldn’t get a great picture, but it didn’t keep me from trying. Smile




We arrived around 2 pm and settled in for the evening.





Tomorrow we have a short two hour trip and we will finally be arriving in Sioux Falls, SD!


  1. Sorry to here that you have to rush and head back east. I hope all goes well with the medical procedure.

  2. Thos wide open spaces are so different from where I live. Very interesting. Keep snapping those pictures.

  3. It's amazing how wide open it is in the middle of the country. Safe travels to SD!