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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Views From the Road in South Dakota

Location: Sioux Falls, SD (High 65, Low 39)

towercampgroundWe have made it! Early this afternoon we pulled into Tower Campground, and are happy to be here at last.




After we were settled into our site, we took a ride over to Alternative Resources to pick up our mail, and we went to dinner at one of our favorite spots! Outback!





That was one big and yummy drink!!


A few scenes from our trip today…































Tomorrow morning we will be going to DMV to make it official. Smile


  1. Not much to see but wide open spaces!! We live in MN about 125 NE of Sioux Falls. Drove thru Iowa today on our way to Branson. Where are you headed to next?

    1. On Saturday, we will be heading back in the other direction toward parts east. :) Basically the same exact trip back to Ohio and then up into NY.

  2. I know you're only there for a short time but you should at least go to Falls Park and see the beautiful falls. It's part of the ritual of becoming a South Dakotan... it's almost a requirement! :)

  3. You need to track down the statue of David. And the Falls really are incredible - hope you get to see them.

  4. Congratulations! We are excited for you as we know this is one of your big objectives, now accomplished. Be careful traveling back tomorrow. We're thinking of you and remember...you can come back!

  5. Yep, go see the falls! Looks like you are having really decent weather at the moment! Alternative Resources has been our go-to company for our mail for three years. They are just wonderful and we've never had a problem. They helped us a LOT when we became residents three years ago and had a couple of glitches at the BMV.

  6. So now you're official! Cool :) Yes to the above. The falls are pretty cool, not quite what you think, but neat to see.

  7. Congrats! We became Texans in March. It was exciting leaving our old lives behind.