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Friday, April 26, 2013

Packing It In

Location: Sioux Falls, SD (High 71, Low 40)

Today was our one full day in Sioux Falls, so we had quite a bit to get accomplished. We had heard that Fridays were not the best days to go to DMV, especially at the end of the month. So we planned to be there bright and early since they opened at 7 am. It helped that our bodies are still pretty much on eastern time, so that really felt like 8 am to us.

IMG_5322We had all the needed documentation…our NYS drivers licenses, W-2s to prove social security number, US Passports, and the campground receipt from Tower Campground. We went to the new DMV office on Russell St. There was a short check-in line, where our paperwork was looked over and we were handed the forms that we needed to complete. Before we had even finished filling them out, our numbers were being called. We handed over the paperwork, took the eye test, paid our twenty bucks, had our picture taken, and about 15 minutes later we were walking out with our new SD drivers licenses. Mission accomplished!

We weren’t able to register to vote at DMV since we had a PMB address, so we returned to Alternative Resources to fill out the voter registration paperwork there. That only took a short time, and then our main business for this trip was finished.

Next, we headed to find Rosie’s Diner. When we met the driver from Sioux Falls at the rest stop earlier this week, rosiesdinerhe gave us directions to the DMV, and told us about his wife’s local restaurant. When we arrived to find the place full with crowded tables of older residents, we knew we were in for a good breakfast! And we were right! Yum.



The last thing that we really wanted to do while we were here was to see Falls Park. We are so glad that we made stopping by there a must. It was beautiful. And having temperatures in the 70s didn’t hurt either. What a gorgeous day!

A few photos from Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD…






















We had a great day, and lots of fun exploring our new home town. Our time here was way too short. We are already looking forward to next spring, when we plan to make our way back to NY from the southwest traveling through South Dakota. We really want to spend some quality time exploring the different parts of our state. But for now, we will have to say…so long, until next time…

Tomorrow morning we will head out and start making our way back east.


  1. We had great luck at DMV in Sioux Falls also. The guy looked at our paperwork and said, you're fulltimers and processed us right on through. Loved it. So glad you got to see the Falls. They really are beautiful.

  2. It is nice that is such a painless process. Glad all went smoothly, and you will have safe travels tomorrow on your way back east!

  3. So glad you made it to beautiful Falls Park! Also glad you became SD residents without any problems or glitches.

    Travel safely on your return trip back east.

  4. Good job on those photos! Good weather too boot & a very accomplished day - can't ask for better huh?

  5. Mission accomplished! Glad you had such nice weather, I think you lucked out.

  6. Congrats! We visited SD many years ago and loved it.

  7. They make it really easy up there don't they. We, too, only stayed two days when we got our licenses over in Mitchell.

    But last summer visited our new "home state" for about 6 weeks. Will be back in area next summer to renew our license.

    Yea, you were lucky on the weather considering how it has been the last months.