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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Start of a Travel Week

Location: Perrysburg, OH (High 41, Low 30)


We woke up this morning to the start of a cold and cloudy day. There was even a layer of that white stuff on the truck and picnic table.

We left the campground around 10:30, and headed west on I-80.




By the time we moved across the state line into Ohio, (my first time in this state) we could see a little blue sky peeking out, but for the most part, it was gray and dreary.




Being from NY, where the scenic views from the car usually include lots of trees and forests, the most striking thing I noticed as we moved into Ohio was the start of some wide expanses. Lots of farmland! I know I will see a lot more views like this in the coming days!



We arrived here at the Toledo East – Stony Ridge KOA a little after 2 pm. After we got set up, we headed for the local Walmart to pick up a few needed supplies.


IMG_5025We are starting a busy travel week. Harry and I tend to mosey along pretty slowly, usually staying for at least a day or two before we move on. But the next few days will be a change for us, as we will be moving everyday until next Thursday when we hope, if all goes well, to arrive in Sioux Falls, SD. Smile


  1. There is a bunch to see along the way. Monmouth, birth place of Wyatt Erp. Nauvoo, Mormon settlement prior to being run off and heading to Salt Lake, Amana Colonies. Be careful pushing that hard also keep an eye on weather, wind on I-80 can get brutal.

  2. Nice looking campsite for the night. I've never seen Ohio either. Looking forward to your pictures.

  3. Its gonna be rather cold for the next few days... But then you seem to have a schedule your trying to keep..

    They claim we will have sun by Thursday...

  4. Sure hope the weather cooperates with your schedule. You really need to put Ohio on your list of places to spend some time. You will really like it.

  5. We are planning on leaving Indiana Saturday and following in your foot steps (or is it tire tracks LOL?). Rudee has one quick medical procedure and then we'll be on our way towards Mt. Rushmore.