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Monday, April 15, 2013

Whirlwind Few Days - Again!

Location: Woodland, PA (High 65, Low 51)

campout2Our first campout of the season is history. As always, it went by way too quickly. As the weekend approached, we enjoyed watching the rigs come in, and greeting friends we hadn’t seen since last fall.



It’s always great to see the campground fill up with other Heartland products!




One thing both Harry and I really enjoyed about this area was the wonderful Amish foods. Apple fritters, fresh cut bacon, homemade wheat bread….don’t think I lost any weight over the last week!



We had a great time exploring the little shops and browsing all of the handcrafted products.





If I still had a house, my purse would be a little lighter today.






But no house and our recent weight issues kept us on the straight and narrow. Flirt male




The weekend consisted of food, food and more food!







A trip to the Shady Maple left Harry and I stuffed to the gills!


campfire1Most people left midday on Sunday, but there were enough of us left yesterday for one more campfire gathering. Always sad to say goodbye and see people heading out.



We had a nice trip today to Woodland Campground. Quite a bit of our route followed along the Susquehanna River. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a lake.



We are settled in for the evening, and will be heading out tomorrow to head a little further west. Moseying our way along toward South Dakota. Slowly…and hoping it warms up before we get there!


  1. I'm not sure I would hurry too very fast coming here to the midwest... Our forecast high for tomorrow is 48 degrees... Maybe that will change in the next couple of weeks but for this week it seems to be the same every day......

  2. So you got to see the river. The mighty Susquehanna!
    Glad that you enjoyed Amish country too. Safe travels too!

  3. I'm with Rod & Loyce, I'd be traveling at a snails pace ;-)
    Looks lovely where you are now.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time with friends and safe travels!

  5. sure sounds like the two of you have 'embraced this new lifestyle'! enjoy your travel day!

  6. Have you seen the weather news out of SD? Mosey really really slowly. There is always food involved when you get RVer's together. And lots and lots of food. But always such a great time.

    1. Yes we've been watching the weather. By next week, there are mid 50s and 60s in the forecast. That's when we're aiming to get there. :) Definitely taking our time!