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Monday, April 1, 2013

Travel Day to Walkabout

Location: Woodbine, GA (High 79, Low 57)

IMG_4781Our two months in Florida came to an end this morning when we packed up, hooked up, and headed out around 11 this morning.

On the way to Williston we had traveled down I-75, but after talking over the route IMG_4782with some Florida natives at the rally, we decided to take 24 and then 301. The trip was a little more stop and go, as we traveled through some small towns with a number of traffic lights.

Merikay, I thought of you! Smile




Our trip was a very nice 125 miles or so. A little before 2 o’clock we crossed the state line and left Florida behind.




We are all settled in Walkabout Camp and RV Park. It’s a small campground, with 40 pull through sites, and they are completely full. Lots of snow birds heading north I guess.




After a really nice dinner cooked on the grill, Harry and I decided to take a “walkabout”. First we walked around the campground, and checked out all our neighbors. We also, saw that right near our site, there is a hiking path that goes into the woods. So we decided to check it out.




It was so cool. We were walking along in the woods and all of a sudden we go around a curve and there is a dock, that goes to…what? We couldn’t see any water.



I only had my phone, so I’m glad that the pictures came out.












We were wearing our flip flops, so we really didn’t want to explore the trail too far. Tomorrow we will spend a little more time checking it out, see if there are any other surprising finds to discover.


  1. Yup, little white cars like to follow behind Alfas. It took me a second reading and an enlargement of the picture to get it!

  2. We liked that little campground. Perfect for 'on the way' south or north. We weren't there long enough to explore the trail, cool find!