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Monday, April 29, 2013

I Feel Good!

Location: Elkhart, IN (High 70, Low 54)


We started out this morning bright and early at 8 am central time. That is much earlier than we usually leave but today was a longer traveling day, plus there was an hour time change coming up.



For the most part it was an uneventful travel day except for one thing – I drove today for the first time! Last week on a long traveling day, I was thinking then that I really should be able to take a turn driving. But at the time we were both whipped, and IMG_5455neither of us were mentally ready for my first time behind the wheel. It’s been on my mind ever since though, and yesterday I told Harry that I was ready to just do it! It went really well, especially considering I hit construction almost immediately. A little nerve-wracking, but it went ok. And now I am ready to keep taking my turn!

We’re going to be here now until Wednesday and then will be moving on. It’s almost time for us to arrive back in NY!


  1. Well done and good for you! I do the towing of our rig by mutual agreement and really enjoy doing the driving. Just as Dave could take over if needed, I believe all the gals out there should be able to drive/tow their rig in case their partner/spouse is unable to do so. See? It's not so bad and even fun, right? Congratulations!

  2. Yes, excellent idea for the spouse to be comfortable driving. My wife says "if I can't drive it, we're not buying it!" so she drove it first before we even offered on our Class A motor home.

  3. congrats jessica did you get your hair cut?

    1. Yup! :) Got it chopped off a couple weeks ago.

  4. Good for you - always a good idea for both to know how to drive the rig.

  5. I have yet to drive more than a few miles. Thanks for inspiring me to just do it.

  6. Keep it up, over and over... Eventually it will be second nature, then Harry will have to ask to drive... LOL

  7. good for you Jessica!..it is a good idea for both of you to know how to drive the rig!

  8. Very cool Jessica. Sam loves it and so will you. You have had a couple of big weeks. Head to NY and enjoy the summer now.

  9. I need to learn to drive our motor home. I am scared to death of the construction zones though, but I need I need to do it.