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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still in Woodland

Location: Woodland, PA (High 70, Low 48)

Woodland1When we woke up this morning, it was dreary and threatening rain. By the time we finished our first cup of coffee, the showers were coming down.



I looked at the weather forecast, and saw that tomorrow looked much nicer both here and at our next location. So we made the decision to hang out here for another day to avoid having to travel on a rainy day.









By mid-morning, the rain had stopped so we took a little walk on a hiking trail around the outskirts of the campground.



Tomorrow we will head on to Gaslight Campground in the Allegheny River Valley – our last stop in PA. Some people mentioned the weather in South Dakota…we are definitely making our way there slowly. By next Wednesday, the high in Sioux Falls, SD is supposed to be 66 degrees. So hopefully we shouldn’t have any issues with snow or icy precipitation while we are there. At least that’s the plan. Smile


  1. Yea, it is nice to be on your own schedule and not someone else's.

  2. We are slowly making our way to Custer State Park for our summer camp host job. They are suppose to get 8-12 of snow today. Hopefully it's gone by May 3rd!

  3. Sioux Falls, can't wait to hear more. We are making plans and may be headed there this fall, just too soon to be sure as some things need to firm for a plan to become clear. SD is really a cool place to be. Lots to see/do.