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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Long Travel Day

Location: Fayetteville, NC (High 62, Low 44)

IMG_4805Lots of times I read about people who do travel days of 400 or more miles, and I think they have a lot of stamina! Our “normal” would be between 100 – 225 miles, and I like that just fine. It means that we can leave somewhere around 10 am or so, and be all settled at our new location by 2, 2:30 in the afternoon. Today was one of our longer stretches – 350 miles. We don’t do “early” too much anymore either, but today we managed to get up and going, and headed out of the campground just about 9 am.

Today was a two state day…











The trip was pretty uneventful, all on I-95, and traffic was not bad at all. We stopped at a Circle C Truck Stop around noontime to refuel both the truck and ourselves.

IMG_4825We are staying at Lazy Acres Campground, which is about 44 miles into North Carolina. For the past sixty miles of South Carolina, we were entertained by the billboards advertising “South of the Border.” Looks like quite the place – I have never seen it before.



One of the most pleasant surprises today was how quiet the cats were. Usually by the time we hit the fourth hour on the road, they are both complaining. IMG_4828


But today they were really laidback, even when we stopped for lunch at the truck stop and opened the windows.






We have a nice site in the woods…perfect for enjoying some North Carolina spring weather. Too bad it’s supposed to rain the next two days.


Well, at least we have a nice view. Smile


  1. glad to hear that your 'two state' travel day was uneventful!..enjoy the stop over even if rain is in the forecast!

  2. Glad you had an uneventful trip. Those longer ones can be tiring!

  3. That's about as far as we ever drive in just one day. We only do that, like you, once in a while. Normally, we're always off the road before 3pm so we have a chance to relax and enjoy the campground we're staying in.