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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ohio – Indiana – Illinois and now Iowa

Location: Kellogg, Iowa (High 44, Low 26)

IMG_5057We’ve gotten a number of miles under our belt since the last time I posted. Three new states for Harry and me…








Unfortunately, we haven’t had time for any sightseeing in these areas, as we are on a bit of a timetable. For the past couple of months, Harry has been having a minor medical issue…I say minor, because it’s not an emergency that would have required that we find a doctor at our current location. Unfortunately its not minor enough that it’s going to go away by itself, and from everything we’ve read about it, it looks like it will require a medical procedure that may involve a little recuperation time. So we have already set up a doctor’s appointment back in NY in about three weeks, and that is why we are making tracks across the country and not really taking our time.

IMG_5058After watching the weather, it appeared that the weather today was going to be a little iffy for traveling. So we made the decision to travel right through Illinois to central Iowa yesterday, so we could sit out the messy weather today. We still plan to make it IMG_5059to Sioux Falls by Thursday, which will give us Thursday afternoon and Friday to take care of our business, and then on Saturday we will start heading back east.

The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, and we got on the road around 9:30. We had about a six hour trip ahead of us.



I entertained myself by taking pictures of the wide expanses of farmland we were passing.





I just can’t get over how far I can see in every direction. The camera doesn’t do it justice.





Unfortunately this picture came out blurry, but I had to include it anyway – yesterday was our first time over the Mississippi River!




We stopped at a rest area for lunch. The driver of this transport came over to chat with us. Turned out he was from Sioux Falls. He gave us some info about the new DMV location which moved as of yesterday, and told us about a family restaurant nearby that his wife runs. Sure is a small world!

KelloggIAWe finally landed about ten of six our time. (Also our first time in a new time zone!) It was a long day, but we are glad we did it. We weren’t parked for more than an hour or so when the rain started coming down, and it is still a windy dreary day today. Tomorrow looks to be a much nicer traveling day. Smile




I’ll close today with one of my favorite pictures from yesterday. I saw the billboard at the last minute and just barely managed to get my camera up in time.


  1. We are thinking of you and wishing you safe travels.

  2. You sure are booking it! It's funny..seems like so long ago now that we were in SD. 6 months ago! Hope Harry's 'procedure' isn't serious :( Safe travels to the next state!

  3. Great catch on that last picture! Love it!

  4. Medical procedures and appointments can sure put a crimp in travel plans. Hope it's resolved quickly. Great billboard.