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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Picture Perfect Day and Heating with Pellets

So beautiful out! If this is any indication of our upcoming weather, it will be a gorgeous autumn season. Smile

I had to work this morning, as usual for Saturday am. While I was gone, Harry got busy and finished the upstairs floor in the hallway closet. It looks really great.


It’s hard to get a good sense of the size of the closet, since I have to stand too close to actually get the picture of the floor, but it’s pretty large. One of our next projects is putting some shelving on the side walls, and some shelving in the guest bedroom closet too. And then we are done with everything upstairs except for the bathroom.

I thought I would give a little more information about heating with pellets, since it sounds like some people aren’t too familiar with this system. Here are our pellets in the garage – there are over 3 ton here, and this is enough to heat our home for an entire winter.


These are the pellets we buy. We stick with the same brand and type every year, because each brand burns differently in the stove. There are standard and premium pellets. Premium are made of pure sawdust, while the Standard type are mixed with cardboard. The ones mixed with cardboard give off more ash and less heat.


These are what the pellets look like up close. They are just compressed sawdust.


The bag of pellets gets poured into the top of the pellet stove. This is what’s left in our stove from the spring when we stopped heating. It’s maybe half or a little more of a bag.


Our stove operates with a thermometer system. So it comes on when the room gets below a certain temp, whatever we set it for. The pellets drop down out of that little rectangular area in the back into the little burn pit area. And then it ignites and, voila! a nice, pleasant fire is burning in the pellet stove. Open-mouthed smile


So that’s our heating system. It works very well for us. I am hoping that it will be a feature of our home that will make it more desirable to potential buyers when that time comes.


  1. Well I learned something new today! I have never heard of heating with pellets but it sounds like a great energy efficient system. Thanks for all the interesting information.

    Have a great weekend!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. They are a lot cleaner than real wood!