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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Weekend Almost Over

This weekend has been a “hodge-podge” of a lot of different stuff. One of the most fun parts was planning for our trip to Tennessee, which is getting so much closer now! I only have two weeks and two days left to work before I start VACATION!! I have several lists going – food, clothes, our technological toys. Be right back

So anyway, the weekend… I had to work yesterday morning – the usual. Then Harry and I took a trip to the store to pick up some containers. We were lucky to find some on clearance at Target, so we got four for the same price that we almost spent on two.


I am going to start working in the office to sort out papers to keep, papers to take with us, etc. etc. My goal is to get the desk and credenza in the office cleaned out so we can get rid of them at some point, either this year or next.

Today was more laid-back. We had our usual big Sunday breakfast; I worked for awhile in the office; we managed to fit in an afternoon nap. Smile

Then we had another meal cooked on the barbeque. We use the grill quite a bit in the spring and summer. It is one of our favorite ways of cooking. Harry actually did some surfing on the web today, looking for the grill we want to buy for our rig. We have decided that we will buy our portable grill this fall when they go on sale after the season. We will need it next summer since we hope to be buying our fiver around this time next year!!

Our snow is finally really disappearing. This is the view of our back yard from the side of the house. I was actually able to walk in the yard!


Here is another view that includes our back deck. Those piles of snow are probably left from when we shoveled the snow off the deck during the winter.


While I was outside more geese went by overhead.


I am loving the weather, but this coming week looks to be a little “un-springlike”. Sarcastic smile


BUT…21 days until we head for Tennessee!!


  1. Are this a new record? Three out of yer five pictures don't got no snow in them. Course one of is of yer TV, one of a box on the floor and one of a bunch of birds. Looks like yer a needing that vacation in more ways than one. :)

  2. Haha! No I don't think it's a record, if you go back and check some of my posts for last summer, you will see pictures without snow. :) But now maybe you can see why we are really looking forward to the day when we can head south when the cold weather comes. And if you want to see more exciting stuff in my pictures, you should maybe come back in a couple years. ;)

  3. We're supposed to get snow showers tonight. I know better than to put the shovel away before April!

  4. Looks like the geese are headed back our way. That means spring is on it's way!
    Great pics of NO snow, makes me excited for same at this end!



  5. Its always a good sign to see the geese flying north!!
    Those temps look like they dip into some chilly weather. This too shall pass!!!

  6. yeah for the green grass!..happy spring day!!

  7. It's been raining hard for days here, but that has just kept me indoors and hard at work painting etc.

    I hear the Weber Q series is good.

  8. There's only one grill to travel with. A Weber Q, either the baby Q or the regular one. We use the regular one and it fits in our bin well. It has a high BTU rating which is great for searing steaks. We got the optional hose so that we can use a regular propane bottle, instead of the little one. It's available on Amazon.

    Linda & John Huber

  9. We have the Baby Q, and I second John Hubbers comment! Right down to the optional hose and big propane tank.