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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Morning Walk

Now that the nicer weather is upon us, we have gotten back to walking again. After I got home from work last night, Harry and I walked a couple laps around our development. This morning, I decided to keep it up with another walk before I head to work in a bit. It’s another “warm” day – 50 degrees at the moment – I saw neighbor kids waiting for the school bus in shorts. Sarcastic smile

This is the view from the street standing in front of our house.


The whole time I was walking, I could hear all kinds of birds all over the place. There are quite a few congregating in the top of this tree.


Now, the other side of the development must get more sun, because they seem to have lost a bit more snow than we have.


At the top of the circle, there seems to be a place where something is going to be built. They cleared the land during the winter. We are waiting to see what goes in here… (note the homemade “gate”)


I was contemplating doing a third lap around, but the sky was starting to look a little like rain…and it’s not that warm!


And finally! at the end of my walk….my first robin sighting of the season!! (Sorry, it’s a little blurry, I had to zoom in from across the street.)


Enjoy the day everyone!! Smile


  1. soon the sky will be blue and ALL the birds will return!!

  2. Ya did it!! Ya did it!!! Finally ya posted a outdoors picture that didn't have no snow in it. What's next, one where the sun is actually a shinin'. Bet that vacation can't come soon enuf fer ya.

  3. It's great to see that snow disappearing and the birds reappearing!

  4. Hello from another part of Upstate! Snow across the street, but none in our yard, so we direct our feet to the sunny side of the street.

    Roxanne and Annie