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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preparing for More RV Show Dreaming

A bright sunny morning today but cold…only 11 degrees when we got up this morning. The blue sky looks really nice though.

I will be heading off to work shortly, but took a little time this morning to get ready for another RV show expedition. The CNY RV and Camping Show in Syracuse, NY starts today. Harry and I will be making the trip over there on Sunday. Syracuse is only about 2.5 hours away, so definitely close enough for a day trip. (Well, Boston is actually close enough for a day trip too, but who wants to pass up an excuse for a weekend in Boston?) Winking smile So I just finished printing out the floor plans for the three buildings they will be using and that nice $2 off coupon that you can usually get online. Coincidentally, just as I finished, I received an email from the NY Heartland Chapter Leaders letting me know what units they would be showing there. Harry and I will get a chance to meet them there, so that will be another nice benefit of traveling to this show. It’s going to be so much fun to head over there and hopefully check out some great units and see more more floor plans.

However…back to reality….I still have to get through three days of work yet, before we can go do some more RV show dreaming…


  1. keep on keeping on dreaming!!!..we are dreaming too!!

  2. Even though we just bought a new 5th wheel just a few months ago, I still like going to RV shows just to see what's new! Have fun at this one.

  3. Dreaming the dream over here too!!! Never stop dreaming!


  4. I'm so ready for the RV show season to begin!

  5. Work. Ugg. One day at a time.

    The weekend will soon be here.

  6. Have fun at the RV show. Looking at different rigs and dreaming of the perfect one is what kept us going during those prep days!