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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well depending on how you look at it, there could be good news here, or bad. The good news is that it is supposed to rain all day here tomorrow, and we are probably going to lose a lot of our snow! (We also lost some snow today with highs around 48 degrees.) The bad news is that where we live, we are on the northern edge of the storm line where rain starts turning into snow. I knew this could happen. The weather here is very changeable during the winter, and I’ve been watching the forecast all week for just this reason. As recently as this morning, the weather for Syracuse for tomorrow was calling for an early high of 43 degrees and starting to cool during the afternoon with the rain turning into snow in the late afternoon and evening. Nope, not anymore. After watching our local weather forecast tonight, I checked the forecast for Syracuse again, and it has changed since this morning. Now the rain is supposed to change to snow around 10 am there. We would only just be arriving at that time. And Syracuse is not a good place to get caught in the snow – having lived in Watertown for many years, I’ve driven in white-out conditions many times, and it is NOT fun. The forecast now for Syracuse is 4 - 8 inches during the day, and another 4 – 8 overnight. So guess what we’re not doing tomorrow? Annoyed  <sigh> oh well….time to start surfing the web looking for our next opportunity to go rv show dreaming….


  1. Ya just gotta keep in mind where yer gonna be someday. Right now yer an RV dreamer, some day you'll be a newlie, and afore you know it a usta, and yer RV days will be ahind ya.

    Don't let that there snow and freezin' rain git ya down, life's gonna get a hole lot better for ya someday. Me and Nilda usta have them same glum days your a havin' but look at us now, a soakin' up the sonshine down where its warm and sonny.

  2. Sorry to hear about the poor weather spoiling your weekend plans. There's bound to be more RV Shows coming up as Spring approaches though!

  3. Ahh yes. March weather is so unpredictable. Sorry about the RV show :( Your rain is coming down the river (more or less!). We're watching the flood levels go up & up.

  4. Hope spring comes to your area soon!