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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Time

Today was another beautiful day! Harry and I woke up early, as usual. But I would counter that later with a nice afternoon nap.

The cats are enjoying the return of the birds. This is one of their favorite perches in the summer.


After a relaxing cup of coffee, Harry got busy making our breakfast.

Of course, as everyone anticipated, we had pancakes and bacon.


Yum, yum, yum…


After breakfast, we headed to Scotia to the condo.

As you can see, another beautiful day – I can’t wait to see green grass and leaves on the trees!


You may recall that we had the heat pump replaced a few weeks ago. At that time, they replaced the thermostat, which was a little different shape than the old one. That was our project today. Harry wanted to fix the wall and have it all ship-shape for the new owner.

This is a view of the condo as we are driving in the parking lot, and the area next to the new digital thermostat.



Harry put a coat of primer, and then a coat of paint. The only reason we were there for a bit is that we waited 30 minutes for the primer coat to dry. While we were waiting, I tried out the “phone tether to the computer for internet” setup that Harry worked on recently. It worked so great! I am looking forward to having internet in the car while we are traveling to Tennessee.

Well, good-bye condo! This was most likely my last trip there. Harry will take a short run over next Saturday to put another coat on the small area he repaired, but I will be working.


And then it was back home, where I took that aforementioned nap, and then baked a batch of biscuits. We wanted to try our maple cream that we bought at the sugarhouse yesterday. Yes, this day basically revolved around food! Be right back


Speaking of….I had no idea how many recipes there were that included maple syrup as an ingredient. I did some searching this morning and found a lot out there – Pork Chops with Maple Mustard Sauce, Maple-Glazed Chicken Breasts, Baked Maple Custards, Maple Barbeque Sauce, just to mention a few. Hmmm, think I better get back to consistent walking before I start trying any of these out!!

Have a great evening!!

9 days until vacation! Open-mouthed smile


  1. Yum! I only buy real maple syrup, none of the fake stuff from the grocery store. Maple syrup is good on oatmeal.

  2. I had some maple sugar candy once that was really good!

  3. Yes, maple sugar candy is so good!! We couldn't buy any yesterday because they were all sold out of their candy.

  4. After reading your blog about maple syrup Saturday night, I went to be thinking about pancakes. Sunday morning, same thing, so we went to I-Hop for a pancake breakfast.

    I have to say though that your pancakes and bacon looked a lot better than our I-Hop breakfast!!

  5. I am hungry now!!...I want pancakes!!..your breakfast looked yummy!!

  6. I agree with everyone - those pancakes look so delicious, I might have to make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning.

  7. I love maple syrup. I'm the same as Teri, I will pass on pancake syrup unless it is maple. The other is usually flavored, colored, diluted corn syrup. Ok, what is maple cream?

  8. Maple cream is kind of like peanut butter - only it's maple! :) It's what was spread on those biscuits in the last picture. I am also planning on trying it mixed in with vanilla ice cream. :) I better get walking!!

  9. Yer thinkin' them cats ain't a watchin' fer the birds. I.M. thinkin' that y'all has got them so brainwarshed with all them snow posts, that they is a sittin' they're a watchin' and waitin' fer the first snow of winter to come, the heck with summer.

  10. Yummy looking pancakes and bacon.