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Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Away Snow!

At the risk of being a broken record, you can tell by the title of my blog tonight that I’m still hoping that this snow goes away soon!

It’s receding and shrinking…but neither of those processes are happening fast enough for me. I just watched the weather and we have a 60 in the forecast for this week! So I am really hoping that this snow will be gone by the weekend.


By this time of year, the snow banks have no remnants of fresh color left. They are dirty and old looking, if that makes any sense.


There have been a few signs of spring over the past few days. I saw geese the other day, but they were hard to catch in a picture!


And I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, (I tried to zoom in a bit), but the ends of these branches are coming alive with a reddish color – buds should be appearing soon. Smile


Winter has been long, so I am so looking forward to the feeling of energy and revitalization that I know will be coming in the next weeks as the sun appears again and things begin to grow.

Have a great evening everyone!

(22 days until vacation!) Open-mouthed smile


  1. Well, here's hoping that white stuff is gone soon and those trees start to sprout some leaves, that would be nice for sure.

  2. Just so's we don't read that when yer on vacation you's a moanin' bout it bein' too hot, it okay to keep wrightin' about snow fer now.

  3. Most of the snow is gone from here. The only thing left is the piles in the parking lots! We did have flurries today though :)

  4. nothing worse than 'dirty snow'!..hope it all melts away soon for you!!

  5. I really feel your pain. I cannot tolerate cold weather. Come on warm sunny days!

  6. I grew up in Wisconsin. I loved fall, but I hated spring because it was so gray for so long!

  7. Up in North Dakota when I worked up there, they called that old snow that had been around for months, SNIRT!

    A combination of snow and mostly wind driven dirt. Up there it is flat as a table and the wind is relentless. At any case I hope you get rid of your snirt real soon.