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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spa Day!

For the cat that is. Smile I have made an appointment for Crookshanks to have a day at the “cat spa” tomorrow. It is his first time there, and I imagine that he will not be even remotely as pleased with this concept as Harry and I.

Here he is wondering why I’m taking his picture!


Crookshanks has a lot of long fur and now that the temperatures are starting to come up (somewhat), he is starting to shed quite a bit. So tomorrow we will be heading to Petco to make use of their grooming services. Ariel will not be making the trek to the grooming person for a couple reasons. For one thing, she is so skittish and does not like strangers at all. Plus since Ariel is a short-haired cat, she does not have a coat that needs to be brushed out like Crookshanks does. Crookshanks does seem to enjoy being brushed so he may actually enjoy himself. Maybe.


Whether he does or not, he’s going, so “after” pictures will follow tomorrow.

We’ve warmed up a little – still high 30s and low 40s – but at least the sun feels really nice coming in the windows.


  1. nice spa day for the kitty!!..can hardly wait to see the 'after photos!!..Tucker is going to the groomer's next week!..so we will be doing a before and after shot of him too!!..and Oliver our kitty he is just too pretty for a spa day..perfection in the making or so he thinks!

  2. Hope you get all this crooked Hanks stuff outta yer system afore you starts livin' the fulltime mobile, mobile home life. You get to associatin' with the likes of that, they is gonna have you by the short hairs fer sure, just like was a writin' about.